You can't be everywhere, but your "virtual-self" can.

A document is better understood when presented. DocPitch sends a virtualized version of "YOU" to Present Docs and Data.

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  • Augmented content

    The virtualized presenter walks through PDFs and a automatically topic animated data-map.

  • No 'video' recording, a new Paradigm

    ZERO video editing hassle. Ignore you are recording. Simply talk, walk through your PDF or map, highlight. It's ready on the spot.

  • Instantaneous 'Redo'

    Get a link immediately as you stopped recording. The virtualized presenter will perform all the steps exactly like you did them.

Prepare your content, engage your audience, measure.

Get your content ready

  • Single upload
    Simple, immediate

    Create your content in a single PDF upload and 5 easy clicks.

  • Collaboration
    Work in teams

    Build together the most complex/extensive cases easily; with numerous PDFs, HTML files, videos, images and links to spreadsheets.

  • Share
    Use the many share options from GraphCall.

    Load your contacts and Use GraphCall email to track recipients by name in real time. Post on your site, or through social media.

Engage your audience

Notification in real time of who is watching!

Get a notification of who is watching in real-time, ordered chronologically and routed to the right person automatically.

Start the conversation

Within the notification, you identify by name who is watching in real time; Now you can choose who you want to engage into a chat or video chat.

Do Better than "Doc by Email" or "on site"

According to Harvard Business Review , A Face-to-Face request is 34 times more succesful than an email. With GraphCall you can convert your emails into face-to-face opportunities.



  • Analytics
    Page per page analytics.

    GraphCall can record by name, page per page with timestamp. You know on which page they stop, what pages they explore on their own and where they exit.

  • Richer Data
    Active vs. Passive Data

    Normal videos deliver images, with frozen content on pause, and passive only analytics. GraphCall's unique ability to let users switch from spectator to actor enables them to meddle with the replay content, generating richer analytics.

  • Better Content
    Optimize content and billing

    Now, you literally know where the user decided stop or seek more information, so you can proactively adjust your content and commercial terms.

Change the paradigm. Send your virtualized presenter now.

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