Better Technology, Better Communication

It's a Document or Data, which comes with a virtual presenter in a box to explain it.
Neither Videos nor Documents can do it, only Hybrid Media does it.

  • Hybrid content

    The virtualized presenter (you in the Box) walks through PDFs OR shows automatically animated data-map.

  • No 'video' recording, a new Paradigm

    ZERO video editing hassle. Ignore you are recording. Simply talk, walk through your PDF or data-map, highlight. It's ready on the spot.

  • Instantaneous 'DocuTalk'

    Get a link immediately as you stopped recording. The virtualized presenter will perform all the steps exactly like you did them.

Change the paradigm. Send your virtualized presenter now.

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More Use Cases

Discover how DocuTalk's superior media enables a richer, faster, simpler two-way communication.