The Ultimate Video Presentation Delivering
Pdf, Visual Map And Data Live!

Better than a presentation, an interactive video or a mind map.
All of it. Synced. Automatic.

How so?

All Automatic!

No need for professional video editor.

Create the most powerful video-explanation simply reusing your content. It's as easy as recording a macro.

During recording GraphCall´s algo-robot detects your actions in the mind-map and the PDFs page by page while your are commenting in the ConferenceCam at the same time. When it´s done you get a link.

On click, GraphCall does a REDO of the navigation, with a video-commentary overlaid. Simple as that.

Seemless, Data-rich, Cost Effective.

  • Ultra-fast

    Video editing time is ZERO. Since all the map navigation is automatically recorded along the video-commentary box overlaid, there is no need to edit images. Nor more heavy cost and time, and lack of flexibility with the content.

  • Deliver data

    Deliver data not pixels! On pause your audience can grab the map, read the PDF alone, save the map or even add more things on the map. How much better is that? On pause with regular video, you have a single image with data frozen in the pixels, good luck extracting that.

  • Affordable

    GraphCall delivers a richer/clearer explanation experience combining topic transition, detailed in-PDF annotations and LIVE supporting data. GraphCall brings a better result for a few $ than a pro video for $5,000.00. Don´t believe it? Compare a corporate video costing Thousand to USD to a GraphCall VidPitch done in a minutes.

Build a Map
Build a Mind-Map

Building is extremely simple with fast-edit and plenty of other options. You can fill the elements with text, images, even video.

Attach PDF

GraphCall let you upload PDF attach to the map. No time wasted redoing your Prezentation for mild esthetic benefits.

Get the power of video-commentary overlay on your existing prezentation.

A single click to record

Once satisfied with your map and PDF extractions, you simply push the record button and start your explanation in the map and the PDF attached to the map.


As soon as you press the stop button, the content is ready to preview locally before sending to the cloud. There is literally NO vídeo edit. You can change the map, do a different take, and each time it will be ready to preview as soon you stop recording.

Share in all channels

Happy with the result? Now send to the cloud. Next share by email privately or publicly, through a link or post on social networks. GraphCall let you upload and manage your e-mails, create groups for your recurring media distribution.

What are experts saying about GraphCall?

“GraphCall offers the first end-to-end solution to capture the full client experience. Their suite of apps makes it possible to: personalize key elements in a report with a graphic overlay, pitch a trade idea directly with an embedded video, signal active interest with a smart alert and then live stream a face-to-face discussion. I believe this integrated approach transforms the value proposition for investment research.”
Stuart McDonell
Head of Supervision & Research Solutions (CIB) Asia, EMEA, America at Royal Bank of Scotland

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