It's too costly to be misunderstood.

It's a New Medium! Push play and it's a video. Pause, it's a PDF. Harness the power of augmented/hybrid media in six clicks.

Page per page analytics. Track who viewed and enjoyed your presentation.

Face-to-Face Live. Get an alert when your recipient is viewing your presentation. Open a chat right away.


Adam, can you walk me through the document, pls?

image 10:23

Sure Julia, let me send you a GraphCall VidPitch.



It's a New Medium

Between a PDF and a video, choose BOTH!

It's still a PDF, simply better. When the video is paused, the PDF is simply a PDF again ant the user is free to roam as he or she wishes. It's a PDF or even a mind map on pause.

Immediate. Create instant hybrid video-PDFs with zero edits in less than a minute. It's a different recording technology.

Better information absorption. Layered video box walks through the document page per page with highlights. It's a video on play.

Improve content and ROI with Analytics

Ultra Granular B.I. GraphCall can tell who is the best content author in your organization, what particular topics drive interest which pages are of lesser impact.

More interactive content, richer data. We record more than timing events as opposed to normal videos. We see pages seen passively on play by users separately from pages users sought on their own.

Seize the opportunity for Face to Face.

Real-time alerts. Graphcall notifies you of real-time users giving you the ability to contact viewers who are actively consuming your content.

Face to face engagement. Propose a video chat at the best moment, cut time spent scheduling, and augment chances of closing.

What are experts saying about GraphCall?

“ GraphCall offers the first end-to-end solution to capture the full client experience. Their suite of apps makes it possible to: personalize key elements in a report with a graphic overlay, pitch a trade idea directly with an embedded video, signal active interest with a smart alert and then live stream a face-to-face discussion. I believe this integrated approach transforms the value proposition for investment research.”
Stuart McDonell
Head of Supervision & Research Solutions (CIB) Asia, EMEA, America at Royal Bank of Scotland

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GraphCall had its system tested by leader in the cyber security business Beijaflore. A firm with presence in four continents and the first Company to acquire the ISO 27001 cyber security certification in France. GraphCall uses a comprehensive framework for access control both on the application client and on the side of its servers. This is the industry standard used by firms such as Nasdaq for access control. GraphCall uses two levels of security for private community, password and hash. The privacy and security of your content is of utmost importance to us. Please reach out to us if you have any concern, we build our strength on your feedback.

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